• Tony Barnhart.com Update

    After a full website overhaul, we’ve got a fresh new website up for you. Get ready for plenty of college football content from Tony Barnhart.  Pictures and news straight from the sidelines as it happens. Bookmark the page and check back frequently, or better yet – sign up for emails when their is a new […]


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  • A good week to be a Cleveland fan July 12, 2014
    Things a Jerseyguy noted during the week: Who is having a better time this summer: A sports fan from Germany or the long suffering fans from Cleveland. Let’s look: LeBron James’ Decision to return to Cleveland turned the Cavs from…Read more →
  • Are Patriots hiding something? July 9, 2014
    A lawyer representing the Patriots was in court on Wednesday arguing why they SHOULD NOT release an NFL Combine Report on former Patriot tight end Aaron Hernandez and Patriot scouting reports on Hernandez, who was then an NFL prospect. “”A…Read more →
  • NBA has another season July 9, 2014
    How did we miss this? The NBA opened another season last week and we flat out missed it. I bet you didn’t catch it either. Oh, we’re not talking about the summer league games that are being played now in…Read more →

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